Ten Days on the Island, Australia’s only state-wide festival, is the festival that inspired them all. Tasmania’s premier cultural event has a new name, Tasmanian International Arts Festival.

Since its inception in 2001, the festival has presented the work of an outstanding range of international, national and Tasmanian artists whose work celebrates global island culture.

Ten Days has reached audiences in every corner of Tasmania, impacting the lives of over one million people over the seven festivals held to date and generating an investment return of ten dollars for every one public dollar spent.

2015 will see a reinvigorating of the Ten Days festival, a fresh new approach that will inspire and enrich the state’s creative culture.

Additional events will also be held in the months between festivals, offering Tasmanian audiences exciting new cultural experiences all year ’round.

We’ve changed, you’ve changed– in fact, the whole world has changed.

Join us as we embark on a new journey to inspire, enliven and entertain.

Ten Days Company Structure

Ten Days is a not-for–profit limited company with charitable status. Generously supported by the Tasmanian State Government through the Department of Premier and Cabinet. Ten Daysraises half its income from festival ticket sales and our strategically aligned corporate partners and generous families and individuals who choose to financially support the festival through our CBD2, Philos, ISLANDERS and young ISLANDER programmes.

Board of Directors

Patron: Sir Guy Green

Chairman: Scott Dawkins

Board members:

Peter Althaus, Bill Bleathman, Noel Frankham, Scott Gadd, Jacqui Allen and Jenny-Ellen Kennedy.


Positioning Statement

The outcomes of the 2013 festival and strategic brand review and results of the 2013 economic impact study combined with the aspirations of a changing and evolving organisation, enabled Ten Days to develop a series of statements that position the organisation for its future prosperity.

The positioning statements clearly articulate our market, product and purpose to focus and guide our staff, programming and our communication with stakeholders and the wider community.

Ten Days Positioning Statement

Ten Days is an arts organisation that presents significant artistic and cultural events throughout Tasmania. Its major activity is the presentation of the acclaimed, biennial state-wide, international multi-arts festival, Ten Days. In addition it produces and presents other artistic events throughout the year that contribute to the cultural life of Tasmanians and its visitors.

Ten Days has evolved, we are constantly changing.

1. Ten Days presents programs of high artistic quality that inspire, entertain and enliven.
2. Ten Days will present, co-present and produce artistic and cultural events in addition to the biennial festival.
3. Ten Days seeks to balance entrepreneurial innovation with commercial viability.
4. The establishment of Ten Days in 2001 was one of the main catalysts for the great cultural renaissance Tasmania has witnessed over recent years. Ten Days will maintain its position of arts and cultural leadership well into the future.
5. Ten Days is an arts and cultural organisation that delivers powerful social benefits to the Tasmanian community through exposure to high calibre creative artists and artistic events.
6. Ten Days delivers economic benefit to many industry sectors in the state. It is an important employer, industry training provider, a key component of the Tasmanian brand and contributes to the tourism industry. The $2.86 million funding received for the 2013 festival, which comprised $2.51 million of public sector support and private sector support of $0.35 million, generated a nine-fold economic impact of $27.25 million and supported 87 Tasmanian jobs[1].
7. Ten Days provides Tasmanians and visitors to the island with opportunities to engage with creative and talented artists from all over the world.
8. Ten Days’ biennial festival and year-round programming develop the capacity of, and provide opportunities for, artists in Tasmania to create ambitious work that may be included in its artistic programs, events and gallery.
9. Ten Days works with communities to program events in regional locations.
10. Ten Days’ artistic program celebrates, but is not limited to island cultures; artistic and creative work is presented from all over the world.
11. Building on the Festival Town model from 2013, over the coming years Ten Days will consolidate and further develop key presentation hubs in Launceston and Burnie commencing in 2015, complementing Hobart as a southern hub.
12. Ten Days will present the Speigeltent in Hobart in 2014, 2015 and 2016; we plan to present a Spiegeltent program in Launceston and Burnie from 2015.
13. Ten Days will collaborate with other arts presenters and companies around Tasmania to provide arts experiences throughout the year.
14. Ten Days will continue to invest its government, corporate and philanthropic support to deliver cultural and social benefits to the Tasmanian Community.

[1] KPMG Economic Impact Study 2013