About Us

About Ten Days on the Island 

At Ten Days on the Island, we are the custodians of a unique statewide proposition, hosting Tasmania’s original arts festival and Australia’s only state-wide celebration. Our mission is to foster artistic innovation, community empowerment, and cultural exploration in Lutruwita/Tasmania. We are dedicated to inspiring individuals to delve into the depths of Tasmanian identity through transformative art experiences. 


Our Vision 

Guided by the visionary leadership of our Artistic Director, Marnie Karmelita, we are navigating a path towards artistic brilliance and innovation. Our focus is on audience development and fostering meaningful partnerships to lay the foundation for a successful and impactful festival in March 2025.


Our Purpose 

We address several challenges: 

  • Artistic Innovation: Providing a platform for artists to develop and showcase their work in unique locations, fostering creativity and experimentation. 
  • Community Engagement: Offering inclusive and participatory cultural experiences that bring people together and strengthen social connections. 
  • Cultural Identity: Exploring and celebrating the diverse culture of Lutruwita/Tasmania, promoting a deeper understanding and appreciation of local identity. 


Why Us? 

We are Tasmania’s beacon of creativity, where every Ten Days on the Island event is a globally significant arts experience deeply connected to place. Our commitment to agility ensures we respond decisively to our current context, maintaining our position at the forefront of cultural innovation and community engagement. 

Join us as we shape a future where creativity knows no bounds and where everyone can participate in and benefit from the rich cultural landscape of our island. 


Our Journey 

Twenty three years ago, Ten Days on the Island emerged as Lutruwita/Tasmania’s first international arts festival, a visionary initiative by Premier Jim Bacon to celebrate the island’s unique culture and creative spirit. Since its inception, Ten Days on the Island has been a beacon of artistic expression, community engagement, and cultural identity, showcasing the extraordinary talent of Tasmanian artists alongside national and international peers. 


A Festival Like No Other 

As Australia’s only statewide festival, Ten Days on the Island has always been about more than just performances and exhibitions; it’s about the adventure, the connection to place, and the shared experiences that resonate with audiences across the island. From the original artistic concept by Robyn Archer AO, the Founding Artistic Director, to the evolution under leaders like Elizabeth Walsh, Jo Duffy, David Malacari and Dr Lindy Hume AM, the festival has consistently pushed boundaries and fostered innovation. 


Celebrating Tasmania 

Our festival has been a platform for hundreds of Tasmanian artists, contributing significantly to the growth of the arts in Lutruwita/Tasmania. We’ve brought over 1.75 million audience members together, creating moments of joy, reflection, and inspiration. Our commitment to place Tasmanian artists and audiences at the heart of the festival remains unwavering, as we continue to invest in local talent and provide a stage for their stories to unfold. 


Embracing Our Roots and Looking Forward 

The move to Pataway/Burnie in 2018, the establishment of Ten Days as a member of the Confederation of Australian International Arts Festivals, and the successful navigation through the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic are testaments to our resilience and adaptability. As we celebrate our past, we also look to the future with excitement, ready to embark on the next decade of artistic adventures and cultural exploration. 

I invite you to become part of a transformative journey that celebrates Tasmania’s unique culture and creative spirit. Your philanthropic gift will not only support the artistic innovation and community engagement at the heart of our Festival but also ensure the continued celebration of our rich cultural identity.

Vernon Guest