Every part of Australia is,
always was and always will be,
Aboriginal land.

As a community gathering-place, a festival of arts, cultural exchange and celebration and as a site for the sharing of ideas and stories, Ten Days on the Island pays respect to the Palawa/Tasmanian Aborigines – The original owners and cultural custodians - of all the lands and waters across Lutruwita/Tasmania upon which our Festival takes place.

With thanks to the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre for place names and other words in palawa kani, the language of Tasmanian Aborigines.

Caleb Nichols-Mansell

A note from Caleb

The Ten Artists, Ten Days initiative personally provides an opportunity for me to develop and test at a larger scale some of the concepts and ideas I have been exploring in the past few years with the guidance, mentorship and financial support facilitated by Ten Days on the Island. This festival has always been close to my heart and one of my favourite showcases of local talent and I really feel honoured to be joining in this, through my own work. 

Having had previous works commissioned by festivals, I understand the importance of being able to develop and experiment within an environment that fosters creativity and allows the exploration of seed ideas that often-become large-scale festival commissions. Working with other artists from around Lutruwita is an exciting idea and I’m looking forward to developing my creative connections even further. At this stage, I have a number of concepts I am refining for festival presentation and will use this time with Ten Days on the Island to hone in and develop them further. 

Like a lot of my work, the concepts are in direct response to the Country I live and work on while also interpreting the deep time history, culture and spirit that lives within these landscapes. I hope the final commissioned work can speak to shared experiences, history, and connection we all share with these lands.


More about Caleb Nichols-Mansell

Born 1995, in Launceston, Tasmania, Caleb Nichols-Mansell is an early career mixed media artist and the Founder of Blackspace Creative Arts and Cultural Hub. He also works as a producer and cultural advisor for Dark Mofo and is subcontracted to other festivals within the state, working in a similar capacity. He is a proud Tasmanian Aboriginal man with deep connections to country, community, culture, and spirit which all inform his practice and process as an artist and leader.

Caleb has an extensive portfolio in graphic design and digital art and has been commissioned by several leading institutes and organisations both within the state and nationally. Stepping outside of his comfort zone, he is beginning to experiment with large scale festival and public art installations as well as site responsive works which have been commissioned by Yirramboi, Dark Mofo and Junction Arts Festival so far.

Delving into and shining light on the politics of identity, land, and cultural heritage his artwork aims to generate conversation and evoke deep thinking whilst providing viewers with an intimate look at what it means to be Tasmanian Aboriginal man in modern day Tasmania. Having been involved in public art commissions throughout Tasmania, he is passionate about embedding Aboriginal art, culture, stories, and knowledge throughout the island.



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Photo: Moon Cheese Studio


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